US Marine’s remind us and the world again…

If you haven’t heard, the United States Marine Corp boarded a vessel seized by pirates and recovered the vessel and rescued the crew without any casualties…friendly or otherwise.  They did this as part of a multi-national anti-piracy task force that has been out dealing with this new resurgence in major pirate activity.

Do read the entire entry from Capt. Martin…it is well worth it.

I would however like to point you towards the following quote:

They finally cut one last hole, and called in with our loudspeaker that it was safe, the Marines had control of their ship, and to please come out.  The ship’s captain peered hesitatingly from behind a steel bulkhead, still unwilling to come forward.  Sgt Chesmore ripped an American flag patch from his shooter’s kit and held into the room as a final identification.  The captain broke into a huge smile and immediately called his crew from their hiding places.  They ran forward, unlocked the final barricaded door in their “citadel” and were escorted topside.  Excited.  Exhausted.  And happy to have their ship back.

Read that one more time.  “Sgt. Chesmore ripping an American flag patch from his shooter’s kit and held into the room as a final identification.”  Yes ladies and gentlemen…that line is what I am bringing to your attention.  The world hates us.  People burn that flag on a regular basis.  Our own citizens think the concept of a sovereign government much less the United State of America is a ridiculous concept.  But when it counts…when you are scared, in the dark and the wolves are at the door…it’s that flag, even a small piece of tan and brown cloth with Velcro backing that brings you from the darkness.

Let that sink in.  A group of men hiding for their lives, barricading themselves in to try to keep safe and alive.  Scared.  Unsure of the future.  Not responding to anything.  No voices can bring them out of the shadow and into the light…and what does it?  The American flag.  That means something.

I am not gonna suggest that it is the job of this country to save the world…far from it.  I would never suggest that I think that it is the US Marine Corp’s job to fight the world’s pirate problem…that’s a debate about policy and responsibility.  But what I will debate with anyone at anytime is that there has never been a country on this planet, no sovereign entity, no organization that has in one picture showed that the problem was solved.  The bad guys were gone.  It was safe.  The light was here and you didn’t have to stay in the darkness any longer.

I am very proud of those men.  Proud to say that I am pleased that a US Marine, holding a small flag can do that.  Can bring light to the darkness.

It’s a good story.  Men were saved.  I am sure that insurance company is happy.  Countries are happy.  The crew gets to go home.  All those happy bunny things.  But at the end of the day I think the point is simple.  And it should be noted that at the end of the day it was the American flag, my flag that made men feel safe.


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